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Empires will rise and fall

The story of mankind's early, faltering steps into space have faded into legend.  

Humans have now touched every corner of the galaxy.   We constructed a network of politics and trade and culture that spanned thousands of light-years and trillions of individual lives.

Most of the galaxy now falls under the control of one of a handful of competing Empires, each with its own laws and traditions.  Within each Empire, powerful family Houses control planets, or systems, or whole sectors of the galaxy.  The leaders of these Houses are answerable only to their Emperor, who reigns supreme from the safety of the Homeworld.

Empires ebb and flow.  They rise, flourish, do battle and compete with each other, and finally fall…but always another Empire will rise to take their place.

A Solo RPG

Reign of the Star Kings is a solo roleplaying game where you will chart the lives of Galactic Emperors and the history of the worlds they rule. 

Using only two, six-sided dice, you will build the family tree of a fictional royal family.  Record the challenges they faced and the decisions they made, and discover how those decisions impacted future generations.

Reign of the Star Kings is a 36 page full colour PDF.  

Galaxy-spanning geneology

Based on the critically acclaimed solo RPG Lineage, Reign of the Star Kings moves the action from a medieval setting to the distant future, as well as expanding possibilities with three times as many randomised events.   Chart your Empire through it's rise, golden age and eventual fall.

In a galaxy far, far away...

Reign of the Star Kings is inspired by classic space operas such as Dune, Foundation, even Flash Gordon.  These are worlds of fantasy where medieval systems of leadership and morality are combined with space travel and strange alien worlds.  It's also indpired by GermanNr4, whose Lineage hack first added the idea of following an Empire through different eras.

Physical copies

Print copies of Reign of the Star Kings are available from www.wyhgames.com

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This is the first Solo RPG I have ever played and I am loving the experience! I am recording the progress of my game here in Reign of the Empyrean Autarchs


I've been following along with this and really enjoying the story.  Glad to have been your introduction to solo rpgs.  There are so many great solo rpg experiences out there.

Thank you! I'm very glad that you are enjoying the story. In the future I would like to make another play, this time of Lörd with some elements of Lineage.


I got it yesterday and looked it over. I really like how you elegantly built eras, rises and falls, into the main play tables themselves. It's a really, really cool mechanic.

Overall, theme and style, superb. I like it a lot.

The interior headers really give an art-deco-infinity vibe that echoes Lynch's Dune for me (which is definitely a good thing). I'd personally have gone with a similar styling for your cover, but your tribute to the 1960s and 1970s sci fi pulps is a good choice.

In a few places, I feel like the large "dice icons" trapped you a little bit, making it hard to stay on a single spread or keep a section feeling cohesive. I would have made those icons a bit smaller, and possibly gone for a narrower body font. Maybe a Helvetica or Univers. But this is really just my own quibble: I want more of those cool header and art deco elements on the rise / gold / fall sections! :D

Thank you for bringing this game to my attention.

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LOVE playing this - I've even got a whole Notion section set up, with a steadily expanding family tree!


Will you add more community copies over time?


Additional copies now added, and I'll add extra copies for each review received




Sorry if it comes over rude but it appears that either all copies were taken in the first two or so minutes or that you forgot to add community copies


i forgot to hit save!  Should now be available.


Thanks again!