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Mortals lives are shaped by random events. The fates of kingdoms are shaped by the decisions of kings & queens.  As official royal historian, you write the story of the kingdom and its leaders.  Build a family tree of a complex and morally questionable ruling family.  Write the story of their reign, the decisions they made, and the world they left behind.

Lineage: Epoch Edition

Updating Lineage, which was released in 2021, Lineage: Epoch Edition is a 40 page solo role playing game and world building tool.

Playing the role of royal historian, you create a family tree and keep a journal which tells the story of monarchs, the decisions they make, and the world they leave behind.

To play Lineage: Epoch Edition you will need:

  • Two, six sided dice (2D6)
  • pen and paper

Lineage: Epoch Edition includes

  • Over 100 random events, three times as many as before
  • Redesigned layout
  • New, original cover art from Goran Gligovic
  • Interior art from Perplexing Ruins

What people said about Lineage

"[M]ore than just a RPG.  It is an effective worldbuilding tool for generating plot ideas." - (Javier M. Vadillo, Scrying: Alone in the Psychomanteum)

"[H]ad me gripped with the cavalcade of bastards that was my royal family. The stories that emerge thanks to all the different tables are awesome and very quickly create a world full of intrigue...I loved every moment of it." - (BlackwellWriter, Delve, Apothecaria

"Five stars" - (Roland Boshnack Mech Borg, War Dog

Print copies of Lineage: Epoch Edition are available direct at https://wyhgames.bigcartel.com/

Take a look at the Family Tree Worksheet and For the Ages by Serial Prizes,  both really cool add-ons for Lineage that help with writing a family tree and add extra detail to the lives of your royal family.

If you're interested in making a hack or add-on for any Lineage game (and aren't a bigot)  go for it!  I'd ask that you not imply any partnership with WYH Games which has not expressly been agreed, and not use our logo. 

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GenreRole Playing
TagsSingleplayer, Solo RPG


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Community copies

Want to enjoy the thrill of ruling as a cruel tyrant, but can't afford copy of the game right now?  Help yourself to a community copy...

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How often do you add community copies?


Hi.  I've added some now.  Help yourself.

Thank you so much!


I used this game for make a dynasty and was so fun


The game is very interesting. I have begun playing it, and it is fun to watch the Lineage develop. I am unsure of how it will progress. I am blogging about my experience if anyone wishes to read: Blogger or RPGGeek. Three kings in so far!


Timidly asking: is there any chance of community copies appearing in the future?


Any possibility for some community copies? :)

Deleted 59 days ago

more community copies have now been added.

Deleted 59 days ago

any more community copies? I'm new to ttrpgs and want to try this! 

hey, wondering about getting more community copies please?

(1 edit)

sure, additional copies have now been added. (Remember to add a review!)

any chance at some more community copies, pretty please?


Sure, more community copies have now been added



...omg I was about to ask this same question and I just saw I missed it by a week and a half. 
(The community copies system is super appreciated, even if my timing is bad.) 


Some more community copies have been added.  


You are way too nice and if/when (*fingers crossed*) the discretionary income improves I'll absolutely be back to buy a copy! <3 


I keep coming back to Lineage and dig it. Even created a new "hack" -- a worksheet that helps me log each generation faster. I've posted it here for everyone to enjoy: https://serialprizes.itch.io/family-tree-worksheet


My all-time favorite journaling game! I posted my review and journal here: https://gorgeous.substack.com/p/lineage-epoch-edition-review-journal thank you for the awesome game!


I'm at my second family and I love it ! So much drama ! So much tragedy !

This is fantastic! Bought this morning and already in deep. Have their been any expansions or fan hacks yet?


Hello.  Glad you're enjoying it.  There are no hacks that I'm aware of (Epoch Edition was actually inspired by a hack of an earlier game.  I'm all in favour of anyone who wants to make their own version or add-on).  There is also an alternative sci-fi flavoured version of Lineage: Reign of the Star Kings

Awesome, Star Kings is on the next paycheck wish list. And may share/spitball some supplemental charts I’m playing with to flesh folks out. 

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played this on Stream collaboratively with my Chat! thank you for the Fun experience!! we'll be Continuing it next week!!

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I'll be sure to watch.  Really glad you enjoyed it.

is it possible to order a physical copy now?

Hello - sorry about the delay in responding.  I'm happy to say that physical copies are now available exclusively from Rook's Press...


Just received my physical copy of this! What a cool book. Well done, great art, feels substantial in hand. Then all the prompts! I havent been able to play it yet, but even all the narrative hooks and world building, for any game! Nice job

(1 edit)

Just got my physical copy, and I love it. The only thing I personally can complain about is that the pattern on one side is slightly cut off in my copy, but the paper used feels fantastic and sturdy.

Would recommend getting a physical copy 9/10


Glad you like it.  I agree that the decorative border on one side of some of the pages feels a little short - I think the bleed and margins have just been a few millimetres off when printed, unfortunately.

Hello, for the physical orders during zine month, was their an address collection email etc? sorry if i missed something. Book looks excellent


Hi.  There was a field for addresses when making an order, and I've emailed everyone whose address wasn't provided.  I've checked, and I do have your address.

The first batch of copies were posted yesterday, and more will go out in the next few days.

Very kind of you for the quick response! thank you for addressing it - stoked to see your excellent looking book :)

Hello! I've been a big player of Lineage ever since the first outing. Is there a possibility that community copies could be available in the future? It'd be amazing to experience this new edition for myself.

Hi Freddybeard.  Community copies have now been added.  Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so very much! I'll get to downloading right now.

Very excited to try Lineage as a newbie to solo RPGs! Is there any way I can still purchase a physical copy as well, or are they sold out?

Hi. Physical copies will be available again in April, either here or at another online store.  I want to get the current  preorders printed and dealt with before taking on any more.


When exactly will the PDF become available in March? On the 1st of March, the 1st Thursday or another date?


Hello.  The pre-order bundle ends on 1st March, so at that point I'll be contacting everyone who pre-ordered with a survey to get their names, which will be listed as backers in the final product.

I'm planning to release a PDF version on Sunday 6th March - but it might be updated again after that date if any backers respond to the survey after then.


Thanks, can't wait for the 6th of March then


You're funded! (It was me, I did it)




I'm so excited for this edition! Will there be any way for non-physical backers to receive the magic rules at any point, or will it always be physical-exclusive?


The magic rules will be a little mini-bonus for physical pre-orders only. The plan at the moment is for an extra A6 postcard with rules for a court witch


I am so glad to see a new version of this game!

Do physical backers also get a digital copy of the text or is that purchased separately?


Hello.  Yes, physical backers will get access to a digital copy also...i just need to find the right button on itch!


Thank you!


Nice, can't wait to see it become avaible